Oily Salt Scrub for Chapped, Dehydrated, Skin

Oily Salt Scrub for Chapped, Dehydrated, Skin

By S.W. Basics

Oily Salt Scrub for Chapped, Dehydrated, Skin

Oily Salt Scrub for Chapped, Dehydrated Skin

Treat itchy, dry skin with a homemade salt scrub for your entire body. You won't need any ingredients that aren't already in your kitchen cabinet! 
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Are you currently lying on the couch watching Parks and Recreation and stuffing your face with cookies rn? Me too. Except, as usual, I am also itching my legs. Luckily I know just what to do, and the solution involves ingredients that are already in my pantry, and probably in yours too!

How Natural Scrubs Help Itchy Skin

Adding a D.I.Y. scrub to your shower routine is a no-fuss way to alleviate irritation and dehydration in your skin (which causes more irritation). Salt removes dead skin cells, mitigates itchiness, and kills any bacteria that may build up on the skin and cause irritation, while olive oil gives your skin all the moisture that’s been zapped in the cold. 

Opt for a mix of salts if you have them, but if not any salt in your cabinet will work. And if you don't have olive oil don't sweat it. Grab whatever cooking oil you have, or you can even mix in your favorite lotion! This recipe will make almost a full 8 ounces, so store it in some small jars to keep it fresh. 

Recipe: Oily Salt Scrub

oily salt scrub in jars

  • 3 oz organic olive oil 
  • 3 oz natural sea salt 
  • 1 oz course crystal sea salt (any brand will work)
  • 20-30 drops Any blend of essential oil you have, we like lavender oil, tangerine, bergamot, geranium, cypress, frankincense, and chamomile
  • Pulp/juice from one fruit: If you don't have essential oils, try fruit like lemon, orange, mango, papaya--they can be fresh or frozen! 
  • OR: Add coconut milk if it's available to you. 

  1. Pour both types of salt together in a large salad bowl, and stir.
  2. Add olive oil, then fruit and essential oil blend, and stir well. 
  3. Divide the bowl into your jars. You can safely leave one at a time in the shower for about four days. The extra jars make great gifts, or you store them in the fridge. 
  4. If you’re using the coconut milk: Before you get into the shower, mix 2 tbs from the jar of coconut milk and 2 tbs of our scrub together in a bowl, and use all at once. 


After using this scrub, your skin will be oily (this is on purpose) - you can towel dry, or, if you like to be slippery clean after, you can wash the oil away with soap, your skin will still reap the benefits of the scrub, so do whichever you prefer! 

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For more tips and tricks on how to make a scrub, check out our Easy DIY Mother’s Day Scrub from this past May. 

Happy scrubbing, S-Dubbers!