By S.W. Basics

Black Friday is a giant deal for us every single year. It’s a pretty big deal for most businesses, but for small businesses like ours, there are years where a solid Black Friday has saved us from extinction. No joke.

But this year, I really wanted to do something special. It’s a little frustrating to have an opportunity to be a part of people’s holidays but to have to do it in a way that is just about commerce. I wanted a way to make more of a positive impact for the people who even shop our products for themselves and as gifts in the first place (thank you)!!

This was my sort of complicated idea, be patient as I explain!

Starting today through December 3 at midnight EST, if you shop on any of the sites below and spend $50, you will receive $10 to all of the sites to use on Black Friday. (Or whenever you want before the end of the year.) So let’s say today you decide to stock up on some makeup or some toothpaste, you’ll get $10 for makeup, toothpaste and all of the other things. Make sense? Cool I’ll keep explaining anyways.


S.W. Basics (us!)

100% natural! 5 ingredients or less! Cleanser! Toner! Rosewater spray!

W3ll People

Nontoxic! Cruelty-free! Lipstick, mascara, eye liner oh my!!

Common Good

Plant-based! Sustainable! Dish soap/laundry detergent/home goods with refills!

Zoe Organics

Organic! Non-toxic! Bath wash, baby oil, belly oil, nipple butter, diaper balm, and so much more!

Frau Fowler

Natural! Essential-oil based! Oral care including tooth powders, breath mints, and essential oil blends!


Just shop any of our sites before December 3 at midnight ET (so that’s the night of the 2nd don’t get confused!) and you’ll receive $10 gifts codes to the rest of the sites to your email.


The email will come from the site you shopped from, so make sure to search for it in your inbox, but also if you have any issues you can reach out to any of us to help out.

The S.W. Basics team typically works all day on Thanksgiving getting ready, and I’m sure many of the other teams on this list do too. We are all obsessed with busting our butts and getting natural products out to people. All each of us wants is for as many people as possible to be using safe, effective products that actually make you feel good (including in how they’re marketed). We know that cost can be a barrier to trying us out, so hopefully this is like a helpful head start. And rest assured that when you shop with any of our brands, you are getting a product that was thoughtfully crafted to last longer, be worth the money, and heal you. Plus, all of us are on Slack freaking out about your purchases. So thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday and Happy Almost 2020,