My Top 8 Yoga Videos of 2020

My Top 8 Yoga Videos of 2020

By Adina

My Top 8 Yoga Videos of 2020

I hate yoga. I’m not kidding. I do it as a survival tool. I used to make myself do really hard yoga until it felt hard to move, let alone grip every muscle through plank pose while someone preaches about calming down. No thanks dears, not in 2020. 

Here are my favorite classes right now, brought to you by beautiful diverse women. They’re all relaxing, they’re all peaceful, none of them are hard, all of them have helped me tremendously this year. 

1. Gentle Yoga for Beginner’s and Seniors, Sovereign Hands Yoga, 30 minutes

My fave is for seniors, obviously. 

2. Yoga Journal, Jessamyn Stanley 30 minutes

3. Easy Morning Flow, Arianna Elizabeth 15 minutes

4. Smooth and Restorative, Kemet Yoga 25 minutes

5. Gentle Beginner Flow, Cole YogaTX, 35 minutes

6. Relaxing Yoga, Sanela at PsycheTruth, 20 minutes

7. Yoga for Herniated Disc, Yoga with Celest, 15 minutes

Yep, I have one of those. But either way, this video will kick your butt and it’s very simple. All of our backs are suffering right now, try it to strengthen! 

8. Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Essential Somatics, 5 minutes

Yep, I have this too. And I literally do this one in bed.