How to Stay Safe and Maskne-Free

How to Stay Safe and Maskne-Free

By Kelly

How to Stay Safe and Maskne-Free

Oh, 2020! What a year it’s been. This year brought us the coronavirus, murder hornets, unmatched political tensions, and just to add a little something extra, maskne! We may not have the answers to fix every issue 2020 threw at us but maskne is one thing we can tackle. 

What is maskne?

Maskne is acne caused by wearing a mask. Wearing a mask creates a hot, humid environment that disrupts your skins natural protective barrier and allows bacteria to thrive. Irritation from masks rubbing up against your skin can also intensify acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions. Not fun but keep that mask on because getting corona is even less fun! 

Stay safe and wear your mask!

Masks and Mask Care

One of the first ways to help prevent maskne is by picking out a good mask and taking good care of it. Disposable masks are often the most breathable but not always the most practical. As far as reusable masks go, try to avoid irritating synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon. Masks made of 100% cotton are effective protection against the virus and much gentler on the skin. Make sure your mask fits nice and snug too! It helps protect against the virus and keeps the mask from rubbing too much against your skin. Win, win!

Keeping reusable masks clean is also super important! Think of masks like underwear – they should be washed after each use.  Having a few good masks in your rotation makes this a lot easier. Try using a fragrance free detergent to keep irritation to a minimum.

Skin Care

The best prevention for maskne is to keep our skin care real simple!  Fewer ingredients and gentler natural skincare products means less chance of irritation. It’s all about finding the balance between keeping your skin clean and moisturized, without overdoing it. And we totally got you covered 😊

It’s a good idea to cleanse before your mask goes on and once it comes off. Our Cleanser is super gentle and, because it's soap free, it's great for all this extra cleansing we’re doing. It’s going to bust through all that excess bacteria and buildup, without stripping away that natural protective barrier. Micellar waters or even just water are great cleansing options too!

When you have to wear a mask for prolonged periods of time and giving your face a full wash isn’t convenient, our Rosewater will come to the rescue.  It fights bacteria while it tones, and lightly moisturizes. Spritz it on your face when you have a second to take your mask off and it will help keep your skin clean and refreshed throughout the day. Plus it’s like a little aromatherapy moment!

If you’re using anything with active ingredients like retinol, try to apply those things at night to limit irritation. Masks can intensify product absorption into the skin and these ingredients are already pretty intense! (Or opt for something a little gentler right now, like one of our Serums.)

Don’t forget to keep your skin moisturized. It will help protect your skin from the rubbing of your mask against your face. It’s a good idea to use something lightweight like a serum or gel in the morning and save your heavy duty moisturizers for nighttime. 

Maskne Treatment

Even when our natural skin care game is on point, maskne happens. It’s still best to keep things simple when treating it. Using a gentle toner can help a lot.  Our Toner is basically maskne’s worst nightmare. It will gently unclog pores, fight acne, and balance the pH of your skin AKA return it back to its happy place 😊.  Toning after that mask comes off is the perfect time.

You can also do some fun, soothing DIY treatments. Your kitchen can be your skin's best friend. Mixing together a little cinnamon with a scoop of honey is a great DIY mask that’s both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

If maskne is really getting out of control, don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor. They’re literally the pros at this and they’re no stranger to the woes of mask wearing.

And seriously y’all, be so extra kind to yourself. Stress can play a big role and damn…2020 got my cortisol levels on another level. So eat all those nourishing foods, drink more water, move your body, meditate, do whatever you gotta do to feel okay. Your skin will thank you