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“A few weeks ago, I started using S.W. Basics’ Toner ($22), and it’s been the stern-yet-loving governess my skin has always needed—the Maria to my skin’s Von Trapp children, if you will. Made with only five ingredients it balances oil production like none other.” -Faith Xue, Byrdie



“The rich blend of avocado oil, geranium oil, turmeric oil and—wait for it—coffee oil (who knew?) in S.W. Basics’ new Oil Serum ($29, swbasicsofbk.com) helps protect my skin against the harsh elements. I dab a drop or two on my cheeks, nose and chin before I head out into the cold, and any leftover excess gets rubbed into my hair ends.” – Jane Larkworthy, W Magazine



 “I’m now a month in to using S.W. Basics, and my skin is truly looking better than ever…But, bottom line, this stuff simplyworks. Plus, if I had a reaction, I’d be able to pinpoint its cause, which has not always been the case with past skin-care products. Even better, I actually had a coworker feel my face recently — it looked that good. Pretty sure she described my skin as feeling like ‘the softest suede.’ Bam! I’m a believer” – Willow Lindley, Refinery29



“With limited regulations and an “all-natural” label slapped on just about every jar of face cream these days, it’s hard to know what really fits the definition, but S.W. Basics is one brand that makes the cut.” – Alexandra Perron, Yahoo! Beauty



“OK, I’m officially in love with S.W. Basics of Brooklyn. I might have found the one. The products are gentle and ideal for anyone with acne, dryness, eczema, redness, scarring, or a combination of all (like me). Using them for a week helped reify that my skin needs natural and minimal ingredients.” -Meg Zulch, Bustle



“When the genius SELF beauty editor April Franzino suggested I check out S.W. Basics for a story I was working on, I thought it was just another natural line. But when I dug deeper and tried a couple products–I am dying over the Makeup Remover–I realized just how insanely cool this company is… the beautifully packaged products are insanely effective and most of them only use three ingredients.” – Alexandra Samuel, SELF



“This all-natural, simple yet effective line of skincare was created to address the founder’s own sensitive skin. S.W. Basics believes that products should be made from scratch using only whole, high-potency ingredients. Furthermore, they only include absolutely essential ingredients and don’t add a bunch of extra filler, so you’ll see products with short ingredient lists that include ingredient names you actually recognize. In fact, each product has 5 ingredients or less! S.W. Basics also supports sustainable agriculture by only buying from organic, Fair Trade or small-farm sources.” –Kris Carr



“S.W. Basics Body Scrub Could Get You A Boyfriend … Within the first week I noticed that my skin was considerably softer. By week two, the ingrown hairs on my legs started to disappear. And by week three, I was starting to think that my baby soft skin was a figment of my imagination, as there was no way this scrub could make my body that smooth.” – Michelle Persad, The Huffington Post



S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask – Ah, so: This mask looks like dried blood once it’s sitting on your face, but don’t be scared! Its simple formula—it’s made of only three ingredients: hibiscus, green clay, and lavender—belies the stunning, clarifying effect it has on skin. Plus, we actually think the whole “dried blood” thing is cool. So there’s also that.” – Kristin Iverson, Brooklyn Magazine



 “S.W. Basics Cream: Heavy-duty doesn’t have to mean complicated: This totally natural hydrator contains only three ingredients—shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil—that drench skin in moisture without coming close to smothering it.” – Anne Bauso, Allure Magazine