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You can customize this deep-cleansing clay Mask to work for your skin’s particular mood. For basic detoxing and exfoliation, simply mix with water, but if you’re especially dry, add a rich oil like olive or shea; if you’re breaking out, add some honey and tea tree oil. For mature skin, try nourishing jojoba or manuka oil. The possibilities are limitless.

It’s made with just 3 carefully selected natural clays: French green, bentonite, and kaolin, to detox pores and soften rough skin. Its powdered, unscented format is designed so that you can make it exactly what you need it to be.

We recommend using 2–3 times a month, customized however you like, as part of your specialty skincare routine and followed by a deep-moisturizing treatment featuring Cream and a serum. (For more customization ideas and tips for determining your skin’s needs, check out Adina’s books Skin Cleanse and Just the Essentials.)


French Green Clay, Bentonite Clay, and Kaolin Clay

How to Use:
Mix roughly 1 tsp Mask with 1 tsp water to form a paste (or customize as desired), apply to wet skin, let dry, and then rinse clean. Follow with a good natural moisturizer.