Our single-dose, 1-ingredient packets are our way of helping you find the perfect ingredients for your skin, because we know that everyone's skin is a little different! Use our single-dose Shea Butter all by itself when you need intense hydration or mix it into other products or your favorite D.I.Y. skincare recipes.  

Shea butter is one of nature’s most potent moisturizers, helping to hydrate and soothe. We source our raw shea butter from an incredible fair wage, organic operation that grows shea with a high oleic acid content, making it much softer than more common varieties. Get 5 packets for the price of 4!


Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter

How to use:

Mix in with the oil of your choice for a luxurious moisturizing treatment. Use on its own when you're craving some super-duper hydration.

*Can also be mixed with our Makeup Remover, Oil Serum, or Jojoba Oil to make those products even more deeply hydrating.