S.W. Basics x Collab Bentonite Clay & Turmeric Mask

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S.W. Basics customer Kandy McDonald formulated this Clay and Turmeric face mask specifically to exfoliate and detox darker skin tones.  

Here's what Kandy had to say: "Your skin can be the biggest source of confidence or insecurity. As a woman of color, it didn't take long for me to realize that the mainstream beauty industry was not created to cater to my skin. Most things just don't work and the ones that do are riddled with chemicals and additives that can't be safe for long term use. I formulated this product to address the concerns that most people of color encounter while being clean and sustainable."

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Bentonite Clay and Turmeric

How to Use:
Mix roughly 1 tsp mask with 1 tsp water to form a paste (or customize as desired), apply to wet skin, let dry, and then rinse clean. Follow with a good natural moisturizer.

Note: Turmeric may stain light skin tones. As an alternative, try our basic Mask.

Listen to our interview: 

adina is super basic · S.W. Basics x Kandy McDonald Collab Conversation