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Simple, natural, and chemical-free, our Exfoliant is designed as an extractive-yet-nourishing skin resurfacer. The unscented, dry format lets you customize each use: simply mix with water into a fine paste for basic use, with honey and a few drops of tea tree oil for an acne-fighting treatment, or with olive oil for extra hydration. (For more DIY ideas and tips for determining your skin’s needs, check out Adina’s books Skin Cleanse and Just the Essentials.) 

Vegan and free of synthetic chemicals of any kind, our Exfoliant is made with just 3 simple ingredients: mineral-intense Maine sea salt and finely ground almond and oat flours.

We recommend using weekly as part of your specialty skincare regimen, along with a deep-moisturizing treatment featuring Cream and a serum.

Sea Salt, Almond Flour, and Oat Flour

How to Use:
Mix roughly 1 tsp Exfoliant with 1 tsp water to form a paste (or customize with a pure natural oil, honey, yogurt, or other natural ingredients of your choice), apply like a mask to wet skin, rub gently in a circular motion, and then rinse clean. Follow with a good natural moisturizer.