sexism with kristin shane

sexism with kristin shane

By adina grigore

sexism with kristin shane

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I have had more conversations about sexism in the past two years than my entire life up until now. Every woman I know is struggling with some aspect of it, and for female friends in business, it’s almost like we’re all suffocating. But sexism is the norm and the truth is that we need to mostly just figure out how to deal with it. I can’t quit my job because of sexism, and I can’t spend all day screaming at people (no matter how much I want to).

Kristin Shane and Adina Grigore

Kristin Shane is really good at dealing with it, nothing gets her down for longer than the few minutes it takes her to figure out how to see it in a different way. Or fight through. So I make her walk me through her thinking constantly and repetitively—and on this episode!

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