How to Collaborate With Us!

How to Collaborate With Us!

By S.W. Basics

How to Collaborate With Us!

Want to collaborate with us?! Awesome, that’s exactly what we want too! Here’s what we have in mind:

• Any art: Photography, poetry, photo essays, drawings, memes.

• DIYs: Teach us how to do something that you really think everyone should know how to do. We only request that you treat us like super basic beginners because well, we are. Some ideas: sewing, cooking, baking, tincture-making.

• Products: Formulate a product that is 100% all-natural, 5 ingredients or less, and unique. Or help us develop something we’re already working on! 

• NEW: Let’s make something new together! As long as it’s good for people and better than what’s out there, we want to hear it. 

You will be compensated for your time, labor, and receive commission on sales. Just reach out so we can chat about what you have in mind and how we can work together!

Your work will appear on our website and in our new zine. 

So what do you have in mind? Let us know.