Hang with our buds too!! 

Hang with our buds too!! 

By Adina

Hang with our buds too!! 

We’ve been so lucky to come up with and get to know some amazing founders and businesses in our time running S.W. Basics. Stalk them below!

MacKenzie Smith, aka Grilled Cheese Social was our first ever social media manager and still pops in once in a while. She also has the most popular grilled cheese blog on the entire internet, and her recipes have taught many of us dubbers how to cook delicious food and love it. Follow her here

Jessica Assaf was our first-ever intern and our first-ever employee and now she’s the badass co-founder of the best CBD line on the market, Prima. She is a hugely influential activist, stalk her here

Katie Klencheski/SMAKK Studios created our first-ever branding. Katie has one of only .1% of creative agencies owned by women, and she is a genius. Check them out here

Lydia Stone did our current brand and is a beautiful, zen human who also teaches virtual yoga from LA. Follow along here

Chris Uphues designs beautiful special edition swag for us and makes the most joy-inducing illustrated goodies. 

Libby VanderPloeg illustrated both of Adina's books and is filling the world with adorable tutorials and pictures. 

Maddie Gubernick was our amazing summer intern while she was in high school, and now she has her own store in NYC! She carries the products she used to make by hand with us, obvs. 

There are a ton of people who have found their way into our shea butter-scented family along the way. Please please follow and fall in love with these great artists and brands just like we have: 

Purely Elizabeth

Early Bird Foods

Seven Sundays

Quinn Popcorn

Frau Fowler 

Zoe Organics

Naked Bar Soap Co.

Tracey's Body Treats

Yaupon Brothers American Tea Co.