DIY Recipes to "Turn Your Pantry Into A Sephora"

DIY Recipes to "Turn Your Pantry Into A Sephora"

By S.W. Basics

DIY Recipes to "Turn Your Pantry Into A Sephora"

We were honored to have some of our DIY recipes featured in Into the Gloss! As author Victoria Lewis but it:

"With her flawless skin and shiny hair, S.W. Basics Founder Adina Grigore looks a lot like one of those women who was born without a skin worry in the world. (Some people just don't get the breakout gene). Not so. In fact, growing up and well into her 20s, Grigore was plagued by constant breakouts, itchy, dry skin, and mysterious rashes. She was using a profusion of products (including a ton of medicated lotions and creams from her dermatologist), but things were mostly getting worse.


With a background in holistic nutrition, she decided to put what she knew about food to the test on her skin. She threw out every single product she owned and started fresh, with only the ingredients in her kitchen. Olive oil became moisturizer, coconut oil turned into shaving cream, and apple cider vinegar doubled up as a toner and scalp rinse. It took less than 24 hours for her to notice a difference.

….Grigore gave us her top picks from [Skin Cleanse] (specially chosen to help beat winter skin troubles) and the recipes to go along with them. If you’re not feeling particularly DIY-inclined, there's a link to a similar product pre-made by S.W. Basics, too. Something for everyone."

Click through to find the recipes on Into the Gloss. Thanks Victoria!

Photograph by Victoria Lewis.