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Mother's Day Gift Set

Comfort food recipes, American-grown tea that is both health and mood-boosting, a re-energizing face mask, and our new Hand Spray. We put together this Mother's Day gift set to show love--get it for a mama or get it for yourself! Limited quantities available, shop it now for delivery by Mother's Day! 

Gift set includes: 

Grilled Cheese Social by MacKenzie Smith

Mouth-watering sandwiches that are easy to make and ultra satisfying. 

Yaupon Tea Matcha Blend

The only holly tea native to the United States. (Think guayusa and mate.) Packed with antioxidants and no bitter taste! 

Yaupon Tea Raspberry Rose blend or Natural Wellness blend

Two delicious options: raspberry + roses or adaptogenic echinacea, astragulus, elder berry, ginger and peppermint. 

S.W. Basics + Yaupon, French Green Clay, & Turmeric Mask

Our new face mask is a collaboration with Yaupon Brothers Tea and includes French Green Clay and Turmeric to help exfoliate and rejuvenate. 

S.W. Basics Hand Spray

Our new Hand Spray is made with the CDC recommended levels of alcohol plus lavender hydrosol, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. It smells pretty and won't break your hands. 

(Note: Gift bag in photo not included with set. It would just get ruined in shipping anyway.)